You may have seen our exciting news that we recently became a certified B Corp, scoring an outstanding rating. We’re also the highest scoring fashion B Corp in the UK and the 2nd highest in Europe. As March marked B Corp month, we thought it would be the perfect time to give our customers and followers a deeper insight into what it means to be a B Corp. We were joined by Kate Sandle and Catherine Draper from B Corp UK on Instagram Live to chat all things B Corp.

We’ve picked out some of the key topics from that chat to give you a better understanding of what a B Corp is and how businesses achieve this certification.


The way we are creating this movement is by changing legislation, having a free assessment tool and creating this community of pioneers and leaders who are doing it really well.


How do businesses become a B Corp?

'Becoming a B Corp is about not just looking at one aspect of your business, but the holistic impact that your business has across everything that you do. So there is an online assessment tool that every B Corp has to answer, including questions on: how you treat your workers, how you treat your local community, what the impact you’re having on the environment is and your governance and customers.'

When you go through the assessment you have to score above 80 points, which is a very high bar to reach. Most businesses score at 50. B Corps aren’t perfect but they are businesses that are willing to learn and make changes, we’re setting the bare minimum that businesses should aim to be at. The maximum score is 200, and the pass mark is 80 so there is a long way for businesses to go.

Every B Corp has to re-certify every 3 years and go through the full assessment again to ensure that businesses are sticking to their commitments.


Catch up on our full chat with Kate and Catherine over on our IGTV.

We want to encourage you to shop more consciously and support B Corps where you can, here is a list of just a few that we love: Ella’s Kitchen, Klean Kanteen, Mindful Chef, Bulb, The Body Shop, Innocent, Beauty Kitchen, T2 Tea and Keep Cup.

Watch on our Baukjen IGTV here.

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