“I love working with our team. It’s always inspiring, exciting and fun.”​ - Baukjen

Our team is important to us. We spend a lot of time working and that’s why we make it a priority to be in an environment that inspires, stimulates and supports. Our office is filled with plants and natural light, and we have a huge garden that everyone enjoys during the warmer months, whether on lunch breaks or having meetings outside.​

We’re a team that’s here for each other, ​and we make sure we arrange social events together that take our mind away from work.

Simply - our people are the culture. In our office, there will always be someone there for you. We work hard, but above all – we make sure we have fun too along the way.
NATALIE - Design

NATALIE - Design

Where are you from: Nottingham What you love about working here: Exciting, supporting, creative

THOMAS - FInance

THOMAS - FInance

Where are you from: Sweden What you love about working here: Evolving, entrepreneurial, personal



Where are you from: Norway What you love about working here: Friendly, fun, challenging


JO - Merchandising

Where are you from: Hertfordshire What you love about working here: People, culture, clothes!


CRISTINA - Wholesale

Where are you from: Republic of Moldova What you love about working here: Healthy, friendly and supportive